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Carats.Online is a Gemstones Inventory Management Software designed specifically for agents and small companies.

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Why Use Carats.Online

Number 1 growing subscriptions in the gemstones business solutions

Take your business anywhere

Carats.Online is designed to serve you wherever you are, in the office using your MacBook or on the road with your smart phone. Accessing your data is simple than ever.

Controlling your stock cannot be easier

With our intuitive and easy to use interface it is easy to insert new parcels/lots and query them 24/7 wherever you are. You can use bar-codes, split and merge parcels while maintaining accurate costs.

Email professional invoices to your clients, quickly!

You can quickly sell items from your stock, items you memoed-out and return items very quickly and with a single click send it to your customer with 1 click.

Never forget items you gave on a memo

Memo management become very easy with our intuitive system which highlights the missing items. Reports can be sent to the client asking their return.

Generate the reports you need with ease

Generate your stock reports, sales reports, items-in-memo report and actual profit reports and filter it further to match your need. No more hours spent on Excel, now you can generate it in seconds.

Love it! The tools and workflows fits my small gemstones business like a glove

Steven Turner Bristol, UK

Right set of modules - invoices, memos and stock management. Now I can print my barcodes easily!

Michelle Cheung Singapore

Excellent support team helped me to set up my business in few hours. No more excel sheets!

James Lee Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

Carats.Online unlike other systems enables users to work using a PC, tablet and smartphones. It lets users work online so they do not need to worry about servers, backups, storage. Focusing on the business while working from anywhere without carrying the data all the time.

Carats.Online is designed for gemstones businesses, this means that a ‘product’ will have all of the gemstones properties which enables you to do queries for a very specific item in stock rather than searching your product text only.

For example you can check your stock for all Emeralds with weights between 1.10 carats and 1.30 carats with a Cushion cut.
You can then easily add this parcel to an invoice and choose how many pieces/carats you want to sell from it.
Carats.Online monitors your stock on-hand and the stock you memoed-out even after your customers returned some of your stock.

Carats.Online already got an accurate cost management in place so you do not need to worry about it.

When purchasing new items you enter the cost per carat, per unit or total cost for the whole parcel.

When merging and splitting parcels, a weighted average is maintained so that even if you return an old sold item back it will remember its old cost at the time of the sell; same thing goes for the memos. Prices are also change automatically as the system will always have an accurate cost calculated, you can always adapt the price as you see fit.

A new parcel is created as Draft, allowing you to edit the parcel and make sure all information is correct. We suggest to keep it as Draft until you finish cutting it then adjust your cost to include the loss and labour. When all properties are set you may change it to be “In-Stock”.

Once In-Stock, you can sell it or give it on a memo. Once the parcel is completely sold it will automatically close the parcel for you.
If you decide to manually close it, the remains will be considered as loss.

If the parcel is closed and a customer returned the sold item, the parcel will be opened once again. Deletion of a parcel can be done only on a Draft which you will still have everything recorded for tracking. You can override the above workflow in the settings to allow yourself to edit the data without restrictions.

A new invoice is created as Draft, allowing you to edit the items as you like – sold items, returned items and sold from memos. You may print a draft invoice or send it to your customer while waiting confirmation.
To issue the invoice you may click Confirm which will change the status to be Awaiting Payment or you can click Pay in case the customer already paid for it. The balance of the customer will change accordingly.

Cancelling an Invoice?

As a Draft you may decide you want to delete it which will change it to be Deleted (invoice will remain for tracking).
After issuing the invoice, while in a Awaiting Payment status you may void the invoice which undo the issuing, return the stock back to the parcels and change back customer balance. The invoice items will be set to 0 and the invoice will remain as Voided for tracking.
If the user already paid you cannot delete it instead you can create a return invoice.

You can override the above workflow in the settings to allow yourself to edit the data without restrictions. While we enable you to be flexible, we recommend to always follow the workflow.

A new memo is created as Draft, allowing you to edit it as you like. Memo Out is sending items to customers while Memo In is receiving items sent by a Memo Out.
Entering a new stock you received on a memo from your supplier is done by creating a new parcel and selecting On-Memo in the Ownership Type field. Returning On-Memo items is done by creating a Memo-Out with this item.

Memo Out

Once you confirm the memo it will change its status to Sent and the system will monitor the remaining item. When all items sent are either returned or sold by your customer, the system will automatically close the Memo-Out and the relevant parcels if needed. You will have either numerical or graphical notifications regarding each memo’s status.

Memo In

First created as Draft and on confirmed changes to Receive while automatically update the relevant Memos-Out.

Of course. Our system always keep the data intact while recording any action done on most items, especially on parcels.

You can track all changes done during the life cycle of a parcel: stock received, cost & price changes done manually or automatically, storage location changes, sent & received by a memo, sold & returned and more.
All history comes with timestamps and which user changed it (multiple users is relevant for some plans only).

Carats.Online is stored on a secured cloud with daily backups done on the data.
Furthermore, we keep an archived copy on a second secured location to ensure we are always covered.

Yes. Currently we have 1 label design but we already working on multiple designs and in the future, depending on the demand, we may even have a designer which companies can create their own labels. gemstone parcel with barcode sample

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